Yez Wi Khan!
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What's It All About?

"Barkington Dogsbury was the Queen's Second (or as some said, spare) Corgi. Even though Barkington was smaller than his big brother Lord Wagley (the Queen's First Corgi) he was just as clever - even if the humans didn't think so."

Life as a royal dog inside Buckingham Palace is never dull, but in this book Barkington goes on his first adventure in the outside world and finds out how ordinary animals (and humans) live. Amongst the VIPs (Very Important Pets) you will meet are: Sir Nigel the Prime Minister's cat, Nils Olav the King Penguin, the fastest Chihuahua in Mexico, a mightily mischievous Mongolian mongoose - and a true Princess. Written by James Radford and Illustrated by Claire Mumford.

A short book in eight chapters, Barkington is suitable for children aged 6 to 600 and is the funniest book you will read this year!

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